It’s been just a little over a year from when all the really started so I though I would enlighten everyone to how these video’s got started. Around November I revived a e-mail From Goldlover asking me if I ever though of making Something more then my little free clips. Until then I never had but after some though and prodding for my friends I decided to give it a try.   We got thing’s worked out  Model’s picked and a Date set and it was Off to Seattle for my Birthday and  help Doug Fly his Hot Air Balloon.  Well I arrived  in Seattle Deathly ILL Ballooning was not much fun and with the Video shoot right around the corner I was scared shitless, after many over the counter drug’s I was able to stay out of bed but still had a fever and a bad cough But it couldn’t be helped. The Amber video was First to get a feel for what we ( I ) were doing after that we had 4 model a day for 3 day’s of course some did not show up and some I could not hypnotize.  Jim on Still Camera, Goldlover on Video and Me it was great I remember after one of the more Adult shoot’s we did I called Aaron thanking him. After Seattle was Atlanta and Fantasm for 3 more shoots then was Las Vegas were Jim and Tim joined me for some fun At the RIo and work all rolled in to one to date but been a crazy ride

If you ever have your dream dropped in your lap don’t just sit there

So Thank you

Jim, TIm Aaron Camron David Doug Brandon And (everyone else in Tempe)

And Goldlover thanks for doing everthing you did

Ps (I hope I spelled everything Right Sorry if I Didn’t)

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