Modeling Information

I’m always looking for Someone Who would like to model. If you are or know Someone interested in being hypnotized for one of My videos, please contact Me or have the model contact Me

H The requirements are very simple: You must be over 18, Open and willing to be hypnotized and sign a Modeling Release. If you haven’t been Hypnotized Before that’s fine if you can answer these question yes then keep reading

1- Do you think you can be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is what you think it will be if you don’t think you can be hypnotized then you cant be it’s that simple. You Wont EVER be made to do something you don’t want to

2- Are you willing to be hypnotized?

If you have been talked it to it Or you don’t want to but some how you have been persuaded in to trying it Sorry. I only want people who are truly interested in giving it a fair shot. People Who believe that they can be hypnotized.

What I don’t want is Well I’ll give it a try BUT I don’t think it will work Or well I'll try and if it doesn’t work I can fake it really good AND Please Don’t e-mail me and ask me to hypnotize your wife with out her knowledge for any reason Also I’m a Recreational Hypnotist Not a Hypno therapist so I can’t solve your problem’s with a snap of my fingers

3- How will I feel?, What will I do?

Well Hypnosis is one of the most Relaxing Peaceful Feeling’s you can experience At no time will you be turned in to a Zombie or see dead people (That’s on TV) The Only danger IS you May Fall Asleep and wake up feeling great

You'll remember Everything that Happens and before the shoot I'll go over what kind of stuff will be happening, like I said in the beginning My shoot’s are hypnosis meet’s the twilight zone When your hypnotized I change how you Perceive Reality and how you React to it

As I'm hypnotizing you I make sure that if I Ever give you a suggestion your don’t like or you don’t want to do for any Reason you Simply ignore it After the shoot you will be the person you were when we started You wont be different or act different and No suggestion I give you will stay with you and keep working (unless you want it to) But that’s your choice

What happens during a Shoot is up to you the model Mostly ranging from G-rated stuff to a Hard R or NC-17 I don’t shoot Anything that’s X-rated Although In My 15 years as a hypnotist I have been involved with some Very unique Projects That involve a few Fetish’s

If your still Interested in modeling and have any other question’s Please feel free to E-mail me and ask them


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