Hello I'm Lord Hypno (AKA Jason) welcome to my site, you're most likely thinking who am I and what am I doing here; well, for the first question click the About me link above

So that leaves us with what this site is about, well the short answer is Hypnosis with a ADULT SCI-FI twist (ALA Twilight zone) All of the things I do Involve Altering how someone perceives reality; they may believe That I can Stop time or believe that they are a robot or even a mannequin

Now please keep in mind some of the things you'll find here are for ADULTS ONLY now I'm not saying it a PORN site but there nudity at times But Fear not My under 18 friends where you can't go will be marked You see Most of my stuff is PG-Rated so please feel free to look around

IF you don't want to see people hypnotized or you just think you want to leave quickly take The Safe Exit above to your right


Latest news

Date: August 21 2010

Lot's of changes are on the way with the web site but, i'll be adding photo gallery's of all the new girls and making dvd's available in the store. also this month bring's Ariel Paige to the CLip4Sale Clip's store

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